Oak Flooring from Reclaimed and New French Oak

Custom Wood Floors to Express Your Individuality

Our antique oak planks and beams from France have been reclaimed and turned into every imaginable wood flooring product. Vintage Elements offers antique French oak flooring that includes rustic wide planks, Herringbone or Chevron parquet strips, and intricate hand pegged woven patterns of Versailles and Chantilly parquet slabs. As a custom provider, we can offer to leave the dark rustic wood surface intact to achieve an almost dark brown to black floor, or we can mill both sides of the stock to achieve a warm light brown surface. All planks will retain their antique character since nail marks, knots, cracks and wormholes are not being removed. Although being milled, each piece of wood will vary slightly in thickness and create a wavy and smooth texture that will reflect light in all directions. Rather than appearing as one homogeneous flooring surface, our antique French oak flooring will stand out as a multitude of individual and unique wooden flooring pieces, creating a stunning impression. These antique oak floors come either in 3/4” or 7/8” thickness. Our antique wide planks and the parquet slabs are not engineered but rather solid wood stock providing exclusive value and sturdiness. They can be installed in the traditional manner over wooden sub floors and concrete floors. To seal our antique French oak floors, Vintage Elements recommends a rich application of our terracotta priming oil to displace moisture and reduce expansion or shrinkage. It will also give the planks rich color by enhancing grain patterns and wear marks. As a protective finish, we recommend using our natural wax emulsion to give the wood a satin finish that allows the wood to breathe and to exhibit its antique characteristics.