Roof Tiles


French Mission Barrel and French Flat Roof Tiles

These antique handmade clay roof tiles will enhance any roof and provide instant Old World charm. Weathered, bleached by the sun and layered with moss and lichen, these antique roof tiles are between 150 and 400 years old. Having survived centuries-long exposure to the Mediterranean sun or freeze-thaw cycles of northern French Atlantic climate, they are proof of quality workmanship and authentic materials. These antique roofing tiles are extremely durable and will perform well on your roofing project for the decades to come. Both tiles are easily installed and will require minimum upkeep, making them a sound choice if you are in the market for a reclaimed roof. Vintage Elements will guide your installer or contractor through the installation at no charge to ensure excellent performance of your roof. Our reclaimed Antique Mission barrel roof tiles will add approx. 1,500 lbs per square, and our French Flat tiles will add 2,000 lbs per square to your roof structure. Please have a qualified roofer or engineer evaluate your roof structure before the installation of the reclaimed antique roof tiles.