Handcarved French Limestone Fireplace Mantels

Provide us with an image or sketch and some dimensions and VE will custom carve your fireplace mantel using our traditional Estaillade Limestone from the Provence region. If you have an existing firebox, please provide us with the dimensions as well so that we can proportion the mantel perfectly to your room and firebox opening. This level of customization and individuality allows our clients to receive their ideal product, perfect in patina, proportion and color. The soft Estaillade limestone from the Langedouc and Provence region in France in cream or sand/ochre color is the perfect material for these items. The southern region in France is famous for the master craftsmanship that goes back to Roman times when the soft local French stone was quarried to build aqueducts, villas, homes and arenas. Later wine estates, castles and churches throughout France used this stone for their construction. VE offers installation and/or installation support throughout the US with a team of qualified installers that have installed over hundreds of our carved items.